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Mac Meeting Minutes

Our President Bobbie Batchelder started the meeting at 2:15 
17 club members were present and 1 new member.
Next meeting will be on May 8th. 
Pam gave the club info on options of to places to meet. We will meet at the library next month for free. She will be checking again on the  Aquatic Center.  This would be $31.00 a month if it works and we will move there .  
Steve gave some interesting info on NOT going into strange Web sites.  Ransom wear is a real threat. 
Ernie gave us a detailed sheet and info on a "Potpourri" of different hints. Virus protector that he uses is called Sophos. Interesting, he showed us how to put documents and presentations in the cloud on our Mac's and then access them on a PC if needed.
Bill held the members only raffle.  This will be the only raffle we will have. Everyone had the chance to take what they wanted from the “free” raffle table. What is left will be donated. 
The meeting closed at 3:55.

Respectfully submitted

Carlene Howard 

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