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Mac Meeting Minutes
Meeting opened at 2:09 by Bobbie Batchelder, President
Tucker Culver passed the roll sheet around.
Bobbie welcomed back our winter vistors.
If you have a name badge, please wear it. If you are a member and you did not receive a name badge, let Pam Short know and she will make one up for you.
Bobbie talked about the raffle table. She has organized the raffle table with Mac "stuff" and non-Mac "stuff."
Tucker gave the Treasurer's report --no change since last month. There is $741 in the bank plus petty cash.
Tucker handed out applications to ALL active members so she has up to date information on all members.
A board meeting may be held next month.
Shirley Coster read the minutes from our December meeting and corrections were made.
Pam told us that there is an update for Safari--3.2.1. New update downloads should be done from Apple. Pam showed how to download updates for your specific programs by using
    -A company has offered to support our group.  EDGE Tech Corp will give us items  for our raffle table in exchange for a link on our website.
    -Macworld was held last week, this is Apple's final year participating in Macworld.
Gina Flores said a iLife 09 is out for $79. There is no update for the old version.
New tech gadgets for wireless photo frame were discussed. has keynote and other info from Macworld.
Bobbie demonstrated what was available at our website.
Next meeting will be on 2/10/09.
Harry has asked for any pictures or info from the beginning of our club for his scrapbook.
Bobbie talked about the library. Please return anything checked out to the next meeting. If no one else requests to use it, you can check it out again.
Bill held the raffle drawing.
Gina Flores demonstrated Photoshop Elements. It costs about $70. A free, 30-day trial is available from . This program is used in conjunction with iPhoto. It was very interesting. Thank you, Gina.
The meeting was adjourned at 4:10.

Respectfully submitted, Shirley Coster, Secretary.

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