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Mac Meeting Minutes

The meeting was opened by our President, elect, Bobbie Batchelder at 2:10.

The sign-in sheet was passed around.

The new Vice President, Bill Lawton, was introduced. All other officers remain the same as last year.

Our next meeting will be 2/9/10. Same time--same place.

Tucker Culver, Treasurer, announced that the yearly dues of $12 are due. She asked that we all pay with a check in the future. It makes record keeping easier. Bobbie announced that she paid by cash so that we will all remember for her.
We now have a bank balance of $666.32, petty cash of $43.55, $72 for dues was collected last month.

Our new member, Jim Hensley, got a new mac for Christmas. Tucker got a new iphone. It syncs everything between a mac and the phone. Some applications are free and some have a minimal charge. Bobbie got an itouch.

A poll showed that most of the group is now using snow leopard.

Bobbie told of her sad story of how her new MacBook became unusable when the screen went black.She had not backed up (shame on her) in some time, so needed to back up before she sent her MacBook in for repair. She was able to recover the information off her hard drive, using her old computer, a firewire cable and target mode (hooking the two computers together, turning on the good one and then hold the "T" down when starting up the broken one). This is also a good way to migrate your old information from your old computer to your new one.

Pam Short, Apple Ambassador, demonstrated downloading firefox as your web browser, using flip 4 mac. Pam showed how to back up using an external hard drive, and your user file.

Various people asked questions and shared stories about things happening with e-mail.

Bill Coleman held the raffle. Winners were Tucker Culver, Bill Coleman, Shirley Coster, and Jim Porter.

Pam started to demonstrate "Mac mail 10 tips" to help you use mail more efficiently. The first one was to delete old "previous mail recipients. She will demonstrate the others at a later date as several members had to leave early.

Jocelyn Winckel won the members only raffle.

Pam shared some "joke commercials" for new products.

Meeting adjourned at 3:55 p.m.

Shirley Coster, Secretary


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