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Mac Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Bobbie at 2:10. Apologies for being late because of the Board Meeting and setting up our raffle tables.  Welcome back to Bill.
He has been gone for 6 months dealing with Knee surgeries. 
Roll sheet was passed and raffle tickets. One ticket for all and one for just members.
Tracy and Norma are visitors today. 
Our next meeting will be February 14th.
Bobbie reminded us to bring back DVD’s for the library.  And a reminder not to talk
to your neighbors while the meeting is going on. 
Please pay your dues for the year.  They are $12.00 due in January. If you are a snow bird they can be pro-rated at $1.00 per month. 
Sheets were passed around for hints and cheat sheets for the Mac.
Bill choose 5 tickets for people to pick from the raffle table.  Harry, Francis, Jim,
Shirley, & Ann Lee were the winners.
Mobile Me is going away in June.  To sync between All your devices you will need to migrate to iCloud.
Bobbie showed a demo on iCal.  There was a lot of interest and group discussion of interesting hints.
We may need a “round table” on iCal in the future. 
At 3:00 we were dismissed into our groups for the round table discussions.
Bobbie called our meeting back to order and we drew for the last raffle ticket.  Margie
was the winner.

Meeting adjourned,

Carlene Howard, Secretary


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