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Mac Meeting Minutes

Bobbie, our President opened the meeting at 2:10 PM. Twenty-one people were in attendance including eight snowbirds. The next scheduled meeting is February 12th.
Bobbie reminded all that dues for this year are due, $12 per family, prorated for snowbirds.

There was discussion of the computer classes at MCC. You must sign up with college to take the classes. Prices are reasonable, $14, $16 per session. Bill conducted the raffles, there were six winners for all and one for members.

Bobbie told the group to not be “shy”, if there is anything you would like to be demonstrated, please let us know. This started a discussion from the group which brought up several subjects, including buffering, internet speed, iMovies (Ernie will demo at our March meeting), copying audio books, Flash and more.

Bobbie reminded us that there are DVD’s available for borrowing (also books) and the DataRescue program.

Bobbie shared that one member totally lost her computer and it wasn’t backed up which started a conversation on backing up your computer. Bobbie stated that computers should be backed up often, at least once a month. Several suggestions were shared, including an external hard drive. After further discussion on backing up computers, it was decided that Jean will demo at the February meeting.

Bobbie stated that if we have any problems with the information she sends out to please let her know. The discussion was then halted at 3:00 PM so that Jean could give her presentation on Mountain Lion which she just downloaded last night.

Jean stated that there are many, neat features. Mountain Lion can be used in conjunction with iPhone, iPad, iPod. She demonstrated iCloud, Notes, Messaging, notification center, dictation, Safari, Launch Pad. Jean’s notes are posted on the HavaMac site.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 PM.


Pat Vella

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