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Mac Meeting Minutes

Due to some technical difficulties the meeting did not convene to 2:15 PM. Bobbie, our President started the meeting by thanking all who helped “set-up” the room. She then reminded all that dues for 2014 are due and that Shirley was present for anyone who wanted to pay their dues today. There were 25 in attendance. The first raffled was held with 6 winners. Bobbie then asked if anyone had anything to “share.” An article was read by a member from the newspaper on “batteries.” Among the information it was recommended that you let your battery run down at least once a week. Another member shared info from a site “The Brain.” She talked about the “mind map” - how our mind works. On Tuesdays and Fridays they will give a free demo on their website. If interested you can use part of the mind map for free. The Club will look into participating in a demo for a future meeting.

The meeting was turned over to Jean for “Questions and Answers.” Questions included Maverick, deleting apps and others. The meeting was then turned over to Ron for a demo on an app, 1Password. It can remember all your passwords and keep them secured behind your Master Password. 1Password has a built-in browser. You can surf the web, login to websites and shop online with full access to your vault data. 1Password automatically synchronizes your data across all your devices. Their is a cost for this app. Ron states it “takes a bit to set up but for him, it’s well worth it. Ron and his wife Jackie would be happy to help anyone with the app. At 3:20 PM Ron concluded his demo and we broke out into groups to share and help each other.

The last raffle was conducted. Jean reminded us that a site she often uses, is a very good site for help using your computer and/or devices.


Pat Vella

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