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Mac Meeting Minutes
Bobbie Batchelder called the meeting to order at 2:05
The sign-in sheet was passed around.
Bobbie introduced the visitors. Marni Hurwitz, Joan Robbins, and Allen Roby
Tucker gave the treasurer's report -- $741.48 in the bank plus petty cash of $50
Board members will be having a meeting today after our regular meeting
Shirley Coster, secretary, read the minutes of last month's meeting. They are always posted on the website, so you can catch up if you miss the meeting.
Pam Short, apple ambassador, told us that iWork 09 is out and so is an update for it. Bill had some trouble downloading it to his computer
Bobbie talked about the free table and the raffle table
There are name badges on the table, please pick up yours. If you don't have one let Pam know
Bobbie welcomed Ernie
getting back
Bobbie has been getting
bounced emails when she sends out Club notices from folks who have not cleared out their mail boxes on their server.
Bobbie asked for the library items to be returned. She has some new things that can be checked out.
Pam will demo "It's about time to learn the switch to Mac."
Bobbie talked about our scrapbook that Harry Kilb is doing for us. Frances Johnson sent a lot of photos
Our next meeting is March 10, 2009.
Pam showed the Christmas tree
There is a problem with the Mighty Mouse. Hold down the top button and blow into it to clean it out. Bobbie said you can put your questions on google and you will get lots of info.
Bill held the raffle. The winners were Joan Mockross, Harry Kilb, Susie, Bill Lawton and Marni Hurwitz.
Pam gave the presentation as follows: has videos on "how to do" almost anything. We played the one on how to clean the might mouse.
    New things on our "HavaMac" website with links for today's presentation.
    MPEG Streamclip can be download allowing you to download You Tube videos and save them on your computer or email them out
    It's about time to learn to switch to mac. We watched the lesson on mail and expose
    How to send a voice e-mail with audio Recorder v3.1 which is a free program. iSay is a program that costs $20
    Preikestolen presentation was shown
The floor was opened up for questions from the members.
The meeting was adjourned at 3:55

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