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Mac Meeting Minutes

Bobbie started the meeting at 2:15 due to people coming in late, because of an accident on the highway.
Our bank balance is $930.00. Our donation for the use of the Church is coming up.
Those of you that have not paid the 2011 dues of $12.00 it is that time of the year.
Five people were lucky to be able to choose gifts from our raffle table.
We welcomed several vistors this month. Peggy from Colorado, and Grant & Barbara from Green Bay. David also from Havasu. And from Fort Mohave, Hemi.

Bobbie started our demonstration with many great examples. One being; It is a merchandise place to buy different things on line.
A demonstration with a new computer from Japan. A flat surface projection coming from a very small pen like instrument. True or not? She also showed us
how to cut & paste to remove all the un-necessary lines or parts you do not need from an email.
Carbon Copy Cloner. At a free download used to backup your machine Instead of Time
Machine. is a great web site for different tips and videos.
Download for free: Bobbie’s favorite. Miro. To watch great hints & tips,
Command, Option I, and it will bring forward and show all your desk top files at once to check details in that file.
We had a guest on I-Chat, Mike Gorzka, who was in Maine. He showed us different DVD options that our club could purchase. He has about ten DVD’s at this time which play on both the computer and a DVD player. He will give our club a 25% discount whether we order for the club or indivually . His web site is: He said after you order
mention that you are in the Havasu Mad Club and he will refund the 25%.
There were questions and answers and the final members only raffle drawing .
Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Carlene Howard Secretary


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