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Mac Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Bobbie at 2:00 PM. The Roll Sheet was passed around to “sign in” and raffle tickets were issued, 2 to members and 1 to visitors. There were 31 attendees at this meeting, 12 were visitors.

Five tickets were drawn for the first raffle (for all in attendance) and winners selected their prizes.

Jean gave a very informative demo on iPhones, explaining Apps (how to get, using folders, deleting, using the mic and much more). She also shared some specific Apps. Much of this information can be used on iPads too.

At 3:15 PM, in a discussion, led by Bobbie, it was decided to have three subjects for today’s Round Tables - iPhone, iPad and 2 tables for “General”. Discussions began.

Bobbie called the meeting back to order at 3:50 PM. A ticket was selected for the “members only” raffle. Ann Lee was the winner and she selected her prize.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, March 13th.

Meeting adjourned.

Pat Vella
Substituting for Carlene Howard, Secretary


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