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Bobbie, our President called the meeting to order at 2:00PM. She welcomed all the "Snowbirds” that have returned. There were 21 Members and Snowbirds in attendance. She asked that we make certain that she has our latest email and phone numbers for her records. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for future topics or demos for our meetings to let her know. Suggestions are always welcomed. Shirley, our Treasurer, is here today if anyone would like to pay dues for the year and a reminder that the Club does have a Library. Bobbie sends the list out before each meeting. If you are interested in any item let her know so it can be brought to the meeting. Jean brought two hard drives that she has for sale - $50 each and they are “Mac” formatted. All proceeds go to her camp for anyone with disabilities. Our next meeting is March 11th. Shonto, a Club member gave a introduction to today's demo from “The Brain.” She uses the program and thinks “it's amazing, It's like a mind map but infinite.”

The first “raffle” was conducted with 5 winners. We connected with Matt from “The Brain” for a basic intro to the application. It becomes a digital storage for your brain You can download a free copy for 30 days and then can continue with limited possibilities. The following is from their web page -

Know more. Map your mind. There's a lot of connections in your head, but unfortunately sometimes they don?t last. With TheBrain, your digital brain captures all that intelligence for playback just when you need it. With The Brain you?re never more than a few seconds away from any piece of digital information. Web pages, documents, images, notes.. From people and projects to ideas and task lists. Take control be visualizing all your open loops, tasks, and ideas in your Brain. Sync makes your ideas and to dos available from your desktop, web browser, or mobile device anytime.

He showed a “Brain” for a marketing plan for a major company that he is working on and also a “personal brain” of his which was interesting. It had categories for items such as family, hobbies, finance, emails, web pages, music. You can go on line to see other's Brains, many subjects, i.e. sports, politics. You can upload your Brain to the Cloud, then can download to other computers. In the very near future they plan to release TheBrain app for iPad/iPhone. There was a Q & A session. The Company has tutorials on their web site and sample brains to download. They also offer “The Brain 101” for free on their website on Tuesday and Fridays. A 10% discount is offered to anyone interested in purchasing that attended this meeting. We “signed off” at 3:15PM. Jean let us know that youtube has videos that may be of interest on TheBrain.

The meeting then broke into “round tables” for discussion and/or help. The last “raffle” was conducted and the meeting ended at 4:00 PM.

Pat Vella

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