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Mac Meeting Minutes

The meeting was brought to order by President Bobbie Batcheldler at 2:10 pm. There were 26 present which included 1 new member and 1 guest. Bobbie welcomed all to the meeting. Our next meeting will be held March 8th. A discussion was held about our $150.00 donation made to the church annually and a one time gift of $200 for help with a new protector this year. (All agreed it is much needed!)

The all attendee raffle was then conducted by Bill with 6 winners.

Ernie Tripp then lead a presentation on Mac basics and took question along the way. We went thru all options under the ‘apple’ in the left top corner of your task bar. Including Hot Corners, a cool new option in El Captian. Ernie handed out information on Finder and what it has to offer as well as taking us thru step by step.

The last members only raffle was completed with 2 winners. The meeting was adjourned at 4:03 by President Bobbie.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Pellerin

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