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Mac Meeting on March 11, 2008

Meeting called to order @ 2:10 by Bobbie Batchelder, President

Staples is now selling Mac products - Judy went by to see what  goodies they have. Office Depot in Kingman has lots of stuff

Mac Club library has dvds to check out -- hints and tips, ilife, windows to mac, jump start

New members and visitors were introduced

Treasurer's report was given by Tucker Culver, Treasurer

Apple Ambassador, Pam Short shared info from Apple support regarding downloads to update new programs

Shirley Coster read the minutes from the last meeting.

Bill  Coleman shared he has called Cartridge World and found their prices to be higher than he had hoped
Ink for Art was suggested Jocelyn Winkel as a good place to get cartridges filled

Next meeting April 15

Board meeting after last month's meeting discussed spending some of the money in our treasury. Maybe a contest for the Mac class at the high school to design a web site. Nothing decided as of this date. It was put up before the group to donate $20 a month to the church for use of their facilities. Motion was presented by Tucker Culver. Discussion was held.  Jocelyn called the question. Only 2 votes for and the rest were nos. Jocelyn Winkel motioned to donate $125 now for the year. All were in favor.  Motion was carried.

Raffle was held

Pam said Staples has 100 CD packs with flash drive for 9.99 and 50 dvd packs with flash drive for 9.99

Backing up your hard drive was discussed. Better not to use flash drive to back up, usb hard drive.- no, external harddrive back up - no, firewire is the thing to back up because you can boot up if needed.
Bobbie mentioned that a wireless mouse was on  clearance at WalMart

Bill Coleman will send a link to Pam to put on the website for various mac compatible programs

Bobbie asked if anyone has been running disk utilities. Should be run before and after an update. Disk utilities are in the applications file.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:55 p.m.

Shirley Coster, Secretary

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