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Mac Meeting Minutes
Bobbie Batchelder, President, opened the meeting at 2:03

New Business

An attendance sheet was passed around.
Bobbie anounced she started something new with the library. There is a signup sheet on the back table for use when checking out books, please return each item checked out at the next month's meeting. If no one else is interested in the item you may check it out again at the end of the meeting.

Our visitors were introduced. Peggy  Ashmead's  friend Joan Willison from Bullhead City and Tucker Culver's grandson, Ben Culver is visiting her from central Pennsylvania, and He will be introducing us to "Faces" later in the meeting. 

Our treasurer, Tucker Culver, gave her report. Paid out this month were: $16.48 for supplies for Historian, Harry Kilb and $16.17 for special gifts purchased at Radio Shack which will be used for our special member's raffle at the end of the meeting. Our balance is as of 3/01/09 $932.48 in the checkbook balance as of 3/9/09 is $899.83.

Pam Short, Apple Ambassador gave her report. Next month our meeting demonstration will be on Crossover Mac who will supply 2 Free Programs for our raffle table.

Suggestions from the group are very important to help keep our group interesting to all the members. It is also hard for a few to continue to come up with new ideas all the time. Others may be intimidated to offer suggestions. So, Bobbie asked if someone will volunteer to put together a suggestion box. This would be an anonymous way to offer suggestions. If you can use your creativity to make up a suggestion box, please let Bobbie know.

Old Business

Bobbie talked about the three tables in the back of the room. There is a free table. If things are not taken from that table, she will be getting rid of those that have been there for a long while. There is a table with computer things and another table with odds and ends. These two tables are for our raffle drawing. If you have any suggestions for items that you would like to find on the raffle table, let Bobbie know.
Our next meeting will be April 14  (2 days after Easter).

If you are not getting e-mails from Bobbie let her know.

Pam showed some features of your address book using the search box in e-mail. You can search for any e-mail subject you have e-mailed out previously.
Our main presentation was via iChat from Oregon. Parallels's representative, Jason Krilich gave a demonstration on the parallels application which runs windows and other guest operating systems on an intel mac.

Bill held the regular raffle. The  green ticket raffle will be held at the end of the meeting.

Ben Culver explained a feature in the new iPhoto 09 called Faces. You can identify  the people in your photos by name. Then, after labeling a few photos with the same names, Faces can find any photo with that same person in it.

Tucker motioned we pay the church $150 twice a year for the use of their great facility and equipment. Jim Porter seconded the motion. After some discussion the group voted all in favor of the motion.

Pam reported on an idea the Board came up with at their meeting on 2/10/09. It was suggested that we offer a scholarship to a graduating high school senior who will be studying computer science.It would actually be given after the student enrolled in college.After some discussion, Jean motioned for our group to provide a $250 scholarship to a graduating senior and for the board to work out the details. Jocelyn Winkel seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor.

Bill held the special drawing for members only for either DVDs or compresssed air. Harry Kilb won the special drawing.

Some miscellanous questions were disussed.
Meeting was adjourned at 3:55

Shirley Coster, Secretary

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