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Mac Meeting Minutes
The meeting was opened at 2:10 p.m. by our Vice President, William Lawton.

Bobbie Batchelder, President, could not attended as she has torn ligaments in her ankle and is on bed rest.  She was able to take part in the meeting via iChat.

Tucker Culver, Treasurer, reported that we have $823.87 in the bank and  $43 in petty cash.  As we agreed in our meeting of 3/11/08, it is time again to donate to the church for use of their room.

William introduced our new members, Gary Evilsizor and Paul Bailey. Welcome!

William said that he has received 21 responses to his survey. 60 were sent out. He will try to put together a preliminary report as he is going on vacation next month.

Today we will have a presentation on the Mac e-mail program by Pam Short, Apple Ambassador and then a question/answer period after.

Gary Evilsizor asked for help to find classes on line for his new mac. He purchased one-to-one service from Apple which is $99 for a year. Use the
,scroll to bottom of page, click on retail store and  find the store location, and then sign up for the class you want. Anyone can go to and watch tutorials at no charge.
Pam and Bobbie demonstrated some features of iChat with Bobbie's computer at her home and Pam at the meeting.
Pam gave a demonstration on e-mail tips. Free templates for additional e-mail stationary are available for Apple mail on the internet. Here are a few links to download free stationary:

Bill Coleman held the drawing.The winners were: Susan Sprague, Pat Vella, Gary Evilsizor, and Shirley Coster.

We discussed how to charge the battery on the macbook ( Different models have different instructions for calibration ( They can be found on the apple website.

You can upload your pictures from iPhoto to Webshots, CVS, Walmart, Walgreen, Costco, etc. Consensus of the group is CVS has the best quality equipment at this time.

A question was asked by Pat Vella about how to defrag the hard drive? There are ideas in Gina's notes on our website. Mac Janitor a free maintenance program is available on the internet.  Mac OSX does a variety of maintenance tasks if you leave your computer on over night.

The meeting was dismissed at 4:00 p.m. by William.

Shirley Coster, Secretary


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