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Mac Meeting Minutes

The meeting was brought to order by Bobbie our president, at 2:00.
Roll sheet was passed around and Bobbie gave our visitors a welcome. Mary Ellen from N. Dakota, Elizabeth from Illinois, & Mike were visitors today. The tickets were drawn for the raffle and five people were able to choose from thetable of gifts.  If you have anything you would like to contribute, please bring to a meeting.  Reminder again, please check out and check “IN” for the library tapes and books. Members only. 
Discussion on forwarding e-mails was detailed by Bobbie, most of them have trackers and you will receive junk mail.  Do not forward, rather you can copy and paste on a new e-mail and this will not happen. 
In Safari click preferences, Privacy or Security shows cookies.  This will show how many people are tracking, if you do delete all, it is ok, but you will have to put your password in everything and personal information, or you can individually delete which ones you would like taken out.  
A video showing e-mail etiquette helped us to be more polite in sending out e-mails.
iCloud was shown in a video.  If you go to YouTube and type How does iCloud work,
this will give you details on it.  Or any thing of interest just type in and there are several
subjects to choose from.
Paul gave us a report on all his efforts in getting advertisements and donations. Thank you Paul for doing this for the club. 
After asking and answering several questions, we were adjourned to the round tables to talk about different things.  There was a table for the iphone, ipad, beginner, excel and different questions.
Pam showed us an adapter that will take info from an sd card from your camera and make it availavle to an ipad or iphone. It is called a camera kit adapter. It also has a usb plug so you may use usb devices or connect your camera directly to it via a cable.
The Member raffle was chosen and the meeting adjourned at 4:00 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Carlene Howard, Secretary


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