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Mac Meeting Minutes

Bobbie, our President, called the meeting to order at 2:05 PM. There were 33 people in attendance. Many were SnowBirds who will be leaving Lake Havasu City for home soon. We will miss them. A Thank You card was available for signature by members for “Missy.” She works for the church and faithfully sets up the tables and chairs for our meetings. The Club used to do this. Bobbie is most appreciative for Missy’s kindness. With the card, a Gift Card for $19.99 at the Dollar Store (her favorite) will be enclosed.

Bobbie reminded the group that Drive Genius and Data Rescue can be signed out to members. She also shared a newspaper article on 5 ways to keep your phone secured. The article was left on the back table for anyone that might be interested.

The next HavaMac meeting is April 9th. The group was asked for suggestions for topics for meeting presentations. iPhoto was suggested. Bobbie again asked if anyone would be interested in volunteering to give a presentation. Even a “15 minute” demo would be appreciated. Also if you are using your computer and something comes up that you need help with, send her an email it could possibly be a good topic for a demo.

New items have been added to the raffle table. The first raffle was conducted with 6 tickets called. Bobbie then turned the meeting over to Ernie for a demo on iMovie.

Ernie started with “It’s easy, it’s fun. You don’t necessarily need a camera. You can use your phone for example.” He distributed a sheet with typical procedures for iMovie and resources for more information. You can get “good” help from the Apple site and iMovie Help. If the icon isn’t in your dock; it should be in “Applications.” Jean mentioned that if you don’t have “iMovie” it can be purchased for $15 at the App Store (what a deal!). Ernie had done a little “filming” before the meeting started and he used this to put together an iMovie for his demonstration. He imported the video into iMovie and demonstrated different aspects of the program. He added music and text and edited his footage. Lots of laughs from the group. He also selected “Theme” to automatically create the movie with title and transitions. He explained that you could take photos out of IPhoto and turn the photos into an iMovie. (Ernie's Notes)

How to put picture icons on “folders” was also explained. Bobbie reminded everyone that this info is on the HavaMac website along with lots of other how to.

Jean has 2 external drives for sale. See her if interested. Bobbie mentioned that the Lake Havasu Library has books about switching to Mac. And great tutorials are on the Apple site. We then broke out into groups for Round Table discussions.

The last raffle for members only was called and the meeting adjourned at 4:00 PM.

Pat Vella

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