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Mac Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Bobbie our President at 2:05Next meeting April 8th.  Bobbie will probably not be here next month
Jean will step in.

Please be sure your dues are paid.  $12.00 for the year or for part timers
they will be pro-rated. 

Tickets were drawn for the raffle.  There were 5 happy winners.

Jean reminded us all to update our computers and iPhones for the fix
about security problems.   The best way to update is go to the Apple in the top left hand corner of your computer and scroll down to Software update. If you have an iPad, iPhone or iPod go to  the system  icon and then General and then to update, or you can use iTunes on  your computer and connect your idevice and do the update there.

An Audio Conference started with Brandon Rude in New York who works at “MakerBot” Desktop 3D Printing.  There are many Fortune 500 companies using the MakerBot Printer.  Their 5th generation 3D printers range in price from $1,375 to  $6,499.  You can print (or replicate) and item up to aprox. 12” X 12” for the large one.  A spool of plastic, used to print the item, costs $50.00 and weights aprox 3 lbs. There are 3D printers that can make the item out of metal, but they that start at about $300,000 dollars.
Printing is done one layer at a time. As the layers are made, picture it as a very detailed glue gun. You can also purchase scanners to go along with the printers, that will scan in an object, into the 3D software, and you can make changes to it before printing. Objects being from 2” to 8”.  Because the price point is high for the general consumer, you can
upload your personal file and MakerBot will print it for you. Makerbot has 3 flagship retail stores, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Brandon said to e-mail him and he would be happy to communicate with you. His e-mail address is .

Jean continued her talk about Security issues.  SSL (Secure socket layer) is the correct to use to be safe.  In the address bar you want https:  It needs to show the “s” to be secure.  A small padlock should also show next to the address.  You can click on this to find out
different details about the website.

At 3:40, we split up into our small groups to learn more.

Meeting adjourned at 4:00

Respectfully submitted
Carlene Howard

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