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Mac Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Bobbie Batchelder at 2:10 pm.
There were 3 new members.  Bobbie welcomed all to the meeting.  Our next
Meeting will be April 14th.

If you have not paid your yearly dues of $12.00 please see Shirley.
Bill had an announcement that if you are using SuddenLink and you have
received the new fast speed, you may have to re-boot your computer or
get a new modem. 

Jean told us about the youth and adult camp her family is involved with.
Sponserships would be greatly appreciated.  Supporting flyers available.

Six winners from the all attendee raffle was drawn on the first drawing.

Jean then showed us some funny cartoon e-mails.  All enjoyed a laugh.
She then lead a presentation on Keyboard short cuts. Jean's Notes, cick here.

Go to for hints and ideas.

Jean suggested to go to the App store and you can check or “not” check
the box for automatic upgrades. will show you how fast your internet is working.

General questions were asked by our group in the last 30 minutes.
2 tickets were drawn for the member gifts and Bobbie adjourned the meeting
at 4:10.

Carlene Howard
Assistant Secretary

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