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Mac Meeting on April 8, 2008
Attendance 27 members and 4 visitors

Meeting was opened at 2:05 by Bobbie Batchelder, President

Bobbie talked about her slide show presentation that was being shown before the meeting. It consisted of music and slides to remind everyone to be courteous, turn off cell phones and refrain from personal conversations after the meeting starts. 

Ernie is starting another ILife Suite class at the college starting this coming Monday, $36 for seniors, it will last 6 weeks.

Library items were turned in and checked out by others

Bobbie talked about the free table and the raffle table.

Bill handed out the raffle tickets.

Judy has been trying to get things for our raffle table but it’s more running around than anything else with no luck getting  “freebies”

Tucker Culver, Treasurer gave her report.  After expenses and deposits we have $748.45 in the bank and  $45 in petty cash
Any suggestions for things we need to buy for the club such as training materials, etc., let Bobbie know.

Minutes of the 3/11/08 meeting were read by Shirley Coster. You can read the minutes on our website to keep up with what’s happening if you miss a meeting or you are out of town.

Bobbie talked about the power inverter to plug into your computer and your car’s power outlet. Then, you can use a laptop while traveling and not run down the battery. You can even use ear phones too.

Some clarification about our talk last month on backing up your computer. Pam said that there is a new ability to boot from an external USB drive on the new intel machines.

Ernie said the new class is starting on Monday. There are only 5 people signed up so there may not be a class. Let others know about the class and get signed up right away.

Mac club flyers are on the table.

There was discussion about the web page. Are we on it? Bobbie will look into that. If you have any ideas about how to get the word out about our club, let her know.

Bobbie introduced the visitors

New business

Next meeting 5/13

Will anyone interested in doing publicity – no takers at this time,

Bill held the raffle

Bobbie demonstrated more on address book and then Text Edit, our club website, how to  adjust the dock, text to speech, and pages. (Bobbie's notes)

The meeting was opened to questions

Bobbie asked for suggestions for future meetings

Meeting adjourned at 4:05

Shirley Coster, Secretary

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