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Mac Meeting Minutes
Bobbie Batchelder, President, opened the meeting at 2 p.m.

Tucker Culver, Treasurer, passed a role sheet around.

Bobbie introduced new members and visitors

Pam brought coupons for Penny's--Wendy gets credit for the sale if you use one.

Bobbie shared a newspaper clipping showing the Meservy's 50th wedding anniversary party celebration.

Bobbie reminded us that the ink cartridges rebate at Staples is $3 each. You can redeem 10 cartridges per month.

Bobbie has a scanner available for free. If you are interested, let her know.

There is a new way to check out things from the library. The library is on the back table. Write your name of the checkout list. Return the item at the next meeting. If no one else is interested in that item, you can check it out for another month.

Tucker gave the Treasurer's report. She has a check list of those who have paid the yearly dues. If you paid and you are not on the list, see her. The $150 gift was given to the church. Our checkbook balance is $857.83.

Shirley Coster, Secretary, read the minutes. You can find the minutes on our club website it you missed a meeting and want to know what happened.

Bobbie mentioned new things on the raffle table.

Bobbie said a friend of hers will be making the suggestion box for us.

Pam Short, Apple Ambassador, mentioned the 2 discs on the raffle table for the crossover mac program which will be demonstrated today.

Ernie Tripp,Vice President, said he may not be at our meetings regularly because of job changes.

Next meeting will be Tuesday, 5/12/09.

The person who was supposed to demonstrate garage band has backed out. We are looking for someone else.

Bobbie opened the meeting for general questions.

Jim Porter is having a problem with a solitaire game not working.

Little Snitch was demonstrated. It lets you know when network activity is happening that you may not be aware of.

Bill Coleman held the raffle. Winners were: Ernie Trip, Melinda Flynn, Margi Kilb, Merrilyn Ray, and Tucker Culver.

Bobbie demonstrated how to burn a CD. Others in the group showed slightly different versions.

Other members asked questions regarding downloads.

Our main program was a demonstration via iChat with Jon Parshall at Code Weaver of St. Paul, Minn. He demonstrated "Crossover Mac" a program to run windows applications on a mac. You can go to their website "" to find out which windows application will work with cross over.

Harry Kilb shared his progress with the history scrapbook he is working on. If you have any pictures or info about the beginning of our group, contact him.

Bill held the member's drawing at the end of the meeting. It was won by Margi Kilb.

The meeting was adjourned at  3:42

Shirley Coster, Secretary

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