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Mac Meeting Minutes
Bobbie (on crutches) called the meeting to order at 2:00 as her computer voiced the time. She reminded us about talking during the meetings and being respectful.

We need to start a committee for refreshments.  Please contact Bobbie to volunteer.
While Bobbie was in bed she researched several things to show us.
Her goal was to show Pam or Jean something that they did not know!

1. First Video is about cleaning up your desktop.
     Bobbie will be sending out all the video clips for our use, on all of her tips.
2. Erasing all the information on your computer. (In the case of getting rid of your computer.  Or the entire external drive.
3.  Caffeine -  Utility to keep your computer alert. Freeware
4.  User folder – How to empty your downloads and empty your trash.
      Also to empty trash in I-Photo.  
5. How to highlight on pages
      1.If spell check will not work.
      2. On Snow Leopard how to short cut words. Text substitutions.
      3. Hidden menu items.
      4. Spotlight or reveal a file.
      5. Putting something in your dock.
      6. Create a zip file.
      7. Customizing files
Remember to go to to find past information and helpful hints.
The drawing for raffle items was held and 5 people selected gifts.

Ernie gave a brief presentation of “Who was the Worlds Most Admired Companies.”
Apple was by far the First chosen by the largest margin ever! This is the 3rd year running.

It was suggested that if we want to have another Mac class with Ernie, please call the college and suggest you would like one. The more that call the better chance there will be in getting one started.
Meeting was adjourned at 4:00.

Respectfully submitted,
Carlene Howard


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