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Mac Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Bobbie at 2:10.  First of all we all had to see the one week old baby humming bird that Pam feeds about every hour.  It’s about the size of the word “humming”!

Don’t forget if you have not paid your dues please see Shirley.  Next meeting is May 10th.  Our Vice President Jean will take over next month as Bobbie will be out of State. 
If there are any suggestions on what the club wants to see or know for a meeting,
Please send an e-mail to Bobbie. 

How to make a video larger was discussed.  Double click on the video and once it is opened in Quicktime, use the “View” menu and go down to “Fit to Screen” or “Full Screen”.  Also be sure to have Flip4Mac downloaded to your computer which will allow you to play Windows Media Video files.

There were several questions and answers brought up.
A good hint about saving is:  To save your documents as a PDF file , click print and “save to PDF” from any program, that way you can take it to a PC or any computer to read.  A PDF file is the most universal file format. CD’s have less space than a DVD. 

Webucator Certificate is on the raffle table for a free on line class of your choice. We will get a real time program live next month for our meeting.  They are online classes covering many different subjects.

Raffle was held 5 people chose prizes off the raffle table. 

Pay Pal was discussed.  How they are very helpful and they discovered and covered fraudulent charges very quickly.

Pam demonstrated Tropical Software Top X (10)Notes.  Similar to “Stickies” but does a lot more.  It will sync with I-Phones I-Pods, has many templates, ways to change fonts and more. is a way to get a scanner or printer for free and different things you may
want or give away.

Go To:  System Pref., Accounts, then to login items, you click on + button, to add what you would like to have come on when you turn on your computer. You can add Applications (such as Mail) or Documents or whatever you want. Note: you may have to click on the Lock button in the lower left corner of the window and enter your password before making any changes.
A time saving time for your browser can be to use tabs. In Safari, go to View – customize tool bar – drag “New Tab” icon to left of Address bar.  Then you can click between web sites from the different tabs that you set.   Thank you Jim Hensley for your impromptu class.  Bobbie would like us all to try to think of something we can also demonstrate, as small as it may be.

Go to to order in-expensive flash drives and card readers.

We say good bye to Jocelyn for the season.

The meeting was closed at 4:00.

Respectfully Submitted
Carlene Howard, Secretary

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