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The meeting was called to order at 2:05PM by Bobbie, our President. The next meeting will be May 13, 2014. There were 24 attendees at today’s meeting. Bobbie said that Shirley, our Treasurer is here today if you need to pay your dues for the year.

Bobbie shared that the Club had a Board Meeting today. We are paying the Church $150 per year for the use of the meeting room. It’s actually a “gift” as the Church is not charging us. She also announced that there will be a change in the “Raffles.” There will now be 2 drawings instead of 1 for the “Members Only” raffle. Dues monies will possibly be used to purchase iTunes gift cards. She reminded us that anyone can donate for the regular raffle table. Our Library Books are getting “older” and many of them have been placed on the “Free” table or the “Raffle” table. If not taken by next month the books will be donated to the LHC Library. There are some DVD’s available to check out. The 1st Raffle was conducted with 6 winners.

The meeting was turned over to Jean for today’s demo. She shared the many things that can be done on Calendar, including multiple calendars syncing , adding birthdays, Holidays, Facebook, getting alerts and creating events. Her notes will be posted on the Havamac site. She also shared some Tips and Tricks, hidden screen savers, and how to find things that are taking up space on your computer and how to delete them. This information will also be on her notes. Her demo ended at 3:30. She then answered some questions re Facebook.

At 3:40 PM we split up into small groups to share information. The last Raffle was conducted and the meeting ended at 4:00 PM.


Pat Vella

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