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Mac Meeting Minutes

The meeting was brought to order by President Bobbie Batcheldler at 2:09 pm.  There were 14 present which included no new members and 1 guest. Bobbie welcomed all to the meeting.  Our next meeting will be held May 12 th 2015.

Bobbie presented a New website David A Cox: Which has many free video tutorials to view. 

Shirley wrote our donation check to the church today. Thank you to our generous host LH Baptist Church.

The all attendee raffle was then conducted by Bill with 7 winners.

We watched a MacMost tutorial on the new Photo App in the new Yosemite update.  It now resembles Photos on your iphone.

Our guest speaker Herb Groves from Mohave PC Computers was not able to make it.  We watched more Macmost tutorials on fonts, mail and the new lighter Mac book with one connecter and the pricey Apple watch.

Cnet is another site for tutorials. showed ways to speed up your mac.

The last members only raffle was completed with 2 winners. 

The meeting was adjourned at 3:41 by President Bobbie. 

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