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Mac Meeting Minutes

The meeting was brought to order by President Bobbie Batchelder at 2:02  pm.  There were 14 present which included no new members or guests. Bobbie welcomed all to the meeting.  Our next meeting will be held May 9th. 

Hal shared he had received a notice (that was supposedly from Apple) telling him his computer needed a scan. It was concluded that is was a fraudulent notice to delete.

 The all attendee raffle was then conducted by Bill with 7 winners.

Bobbie then lead a presentation on various issues including adding groups to contacts, deleting forward lines in emails and adding signatures to emails. Another topic was concerning deleting old email addresses. To accomplish this  in Mail go to  Windows /previous recipients, select all (command + A) and click remove all.  In View you can customize - toolbar and drag up the icons you would like on your toolbar.. 
Very informative with lots of questions and input.

Additionally has a free malware for Mac. It is has been advised by Mac Techs to download and use it. This is for computers running OS 10.9 (Mavericks) or higher.

The last members only raffle was completed with 2 winners. The meeting was adjourned at 3:54 pm by President Bobbie.

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