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Mac Meeting Minutes
Bobbie Batchelder, President, opened the meeting at 2 p.m.

Tucker Culver, Treasurer, passed a role sheet around.

Meeting of the HavaMac Computer Club was called to order at 2:04 by Bobbie Batchelder.

Role taken by sign up sheet.

New visitors welcomed to meeting---Ed Briggs and Steve Houndley.

Program presented by Gina Flores:  Question and answer session.  Subjects addressed included eliminating downloads, trouble-shooting sites, using Google to ask questions, first aid procedures, wireless mouse, issues relating to firewall, how to take a screen shot--command+shift+4, mailing content of page, Google settings for refining a search, Apple tutorials, partitioning files, as well as several others.

Bobbie talked about the system for checking out things from the library.

Mac Ambassador Pam announced that version 10.5.7  is now available.

Ernie discussed the club’s scholarship.  Because of time deadline for awarding scholarships through the school has passed, he suggested giving the scholarship next year and come up with an alternate plan for this year. Two students at LHHS, Alex Morris and Kayla Burkholder, won 1st place in state SkillUSA  Web Design competition at the state level.  They have been working on Macs for the last year.  They will need $4800 for going to the national contest in Kansas City.  Harry moved that we donate $100 to each student for their national trip.  Seconded by Charlene.  Motion carried.

Drawing results:  Winners included Rick Thomas, Ernie Tripp, Carol Reutter,  Susie Sprague, and Marji Kilb.

Meeting adjorned at 3:45.

Respectfully submitted,
Regina (Gina) Olson

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