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Mac Meeting Minutes

Bobbie, our President, opened the meeting at 2:15.  Late,  there was a problem with the projection equipment and a last minute work around had to be found. Our next meeting will be June 14th.
Questions and Answers were the first topic.  Reminder ; very important to back up.
Carbon Copy Cloner and Time Machine were discussed as two different ways people can use a back up system. 
Bob Clary came on as our Webucator Host and on line Presenter.  His company offers classes on various computer software topics. The instructor’s are live when they work with you on the course’s. He gave us an example on how the classes are interactive with a live instructor. You do need a machine that has an Intel processor to take a class. You can check out more about the classes by using the link on the first page of the Havamac site.

Four people were able to pick prizes off the raffle table. 

More questions and answers were given. 
Jean gave a demonstration on “Spaces”.  To get to Spaces go to System Preferences and it will show on the top line.   Detailed information on this will be e-mailed out to everyone and you can print it out.   This is new to Leopard.  

Expose was also shown.  This is where hot corners are set up. 
The second drawing for members was won by Chuck Spinks. is a good web site to get good priced items. Free shipping on some items.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:50. 
Respectfully submitted
Carlene Howard

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