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Mac Meeting Minutes

Bobbie, our President, called the meeting to order at 2:05 PM. There were 18 attendees. Our next meeting is June 11th. Bobbie announced that Michelle from the Lake Havasu City Library will do a demonstration on the OverDrive app, which lets Library Card Holders check out books and audio tapes electronically, at the June meeting.

“Just for Fun” Bobbie shared a YouTube video with Jeff Gordon taking an unsuspecting guy on a test drive. We all laughed. She reminded us again that Drive Genius and Data Rescue are available to members for check out. Pam had shared with Bobbie an external drive - “lomega EZ” that hooks up to your router. She explained to us how it works and discussion followed. Items can be dragged to the external drive. It also works with iPad, iPods. The purchase price is around $100. Jean and Brian have external drives for sale. Contact them if interested.

The first raffle was conducted with five winners. Bobbie did the demonstration for today’s meeting. She shared many short cuts including adding favorite web sites to your Dock with an icon of your choice, how to add items to open automatically when you log in, calendar reminders, how to hear your computer speak, and removing Cookies plus others. A tip was shared to remove Cookies when your computer is running slow. We learned it takes a couple of times to remove all the Cookies. Her notes will be put on the HavaMac website.

The second raffle ticket was drawn and the meeting ended at 3:55 PM.


Pat Vella


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