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Mac Meeting Minutes

The meeting was brought to order by President Bobbie Batchelder. There were 13 present which included 1 new member Don Dwire and 3 guests. Bobbie welcomed all to the meeting.
Our next meeting will be held June 9th.

Buck Dobb a free lance writer from the Today News Herald was in attendance. He was there to gather information on our group for a future article in the paper.

The all attendee raffle was then conducted by Bill with 5 winners.

Ernie Tripp lead a very interesting presentation on Pages and Microsoft Office programs online and how they work with iCloud and Dropbox, all for free. 5G storage free on iCloud from Apple 3G in Dropbox for free from Microsoft
We also investigated the aplication Airdrop.
Ernie took questions along the way.

Hal shared an issue with his computer not responding which was solved with the help of Apple techs by : ‘Resetting the PRAM" by compressing ‘Command, Option P & R’ simultaneously while hitting the on button, until 3 beeps/dings are heard.

The last members only raffle was completed with 2 winners. The meeting was adjourned at 3:58 by President Bobbie.

Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Pellerin, Winter Secretary

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