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Mac Meeting Minutes

The meeting was opened at 2:03 by President, Bobbie Batchelder

Raffle tickets were passed out by Bill Coleman.

Guests were LHHS students, Kayla and Alex and their teacher, Steve  Paluch.

Tucker Culver, Treasurer, gave her report.
Pam Short, our Apple Ambassador, reported that the new "Snow Leopard" program will be out in November. Safari, version 4, can be downloaded now. There is also an update for Quick Time. You can go to and watch the world wide development conference.

Bobbie mentioned that if you call Apple support, be sure to back up your files before making the changes they suggest. She had a recent problem with her e-mail and a level one tech lost her emails. Also, ask for a level 2 tech and think about what they are telling you before you do it.

Ernie Tripp, Vice President, introduced Kayla Burkholder, Alexandra Morris and their teacher Steve  Paluch. They have placed first in web design competitions all the way up to the state competition. They are now heading to the national competition. Our club is donating $100 to each of the girls, to help with the expenses for their trip.

Old business

Bobbie reminded us about the library table, free table and raffle table which are in the back of the room.

There are several name tags on the table in the back of the room. Please pick up your name tag. Let Pam know if you need one.

Let Bobbie know if you are not getting club e-mails from her.

Harry Kilb, Historian, has written some information about the  beginnings of our club. Bobbie will be e-mailing it to us. Take some time to read it over and let Harry know if there are any corrections or additions to this information.

Bobbie opened the floor up for any general questions from the group.

Tucker explained her problems with MobileMe. The previous  .mac accounts are now MobileMe accounts. You can have a live chat on and they will try to work out your problems.

Bill held the raffle. Winners were Francis Johnson, Marji Kilb, Jean Amico, and Carlene Howard.

Ernie gave the demonstration today. It was on his presentation for the Colorado River Computer Club on 6/1/2009. Bobbie, Pam and Mark also attended with him. He showed the PC users some of the programs that are included when you buy a Mac. His demo included iChat, Safari, file sharing, Preview, cover flow, setting Expose for "hot" corners, Photo Booth, iLife, iWeb, iMovie, Garageband and Front Row which uses the remote that comes with the MacBook. Thank you Ernie. We all seemed to learn something.

The last drawing was held and won by Shirley Coster.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:05

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