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Mac Meeting Minutes

Meeting was opened at 2:10 by President, Bobbie Batchelder.

The role sheet was passed around by Treasurer, Tucker Culver.

Raffle tickets were passed out by Bill Coleman.
Ernie Tripp has no plans for a class at the high school at this time.
Bill Lawton and Ernie Tripp will present the next month's meeting which will be July 13th.
Tucker introduced our visitor, Marcie Westerbeke.
Bobbie will be seeing a new doctor about her ankle and she may not be here at the next meeting.
If you have cable, please check channel 27 for our ad. Let Bobbie know what you think and any ideas you have.
A board meeting was held earlier today. We will be working to have a visitor's information sheet to present to newcomers.
Tucker brought up the scholarship fund that we have talked about in the past. Last year we helped 2 high school girls with funds to attend a National Website Competition/ Skills USA. The same girls won the state competition again this year and will be going on to national competition. They will be attending ASU this fall. Harry suggested that we have a committee to formulate a plan for gifts in the future.
Bill held the drawing. Winners were: Bobbie Batchelder, Tucker Culver, Paul Bailey, Jim Hensley, Gary Evilsizor and Marcie Westerbeke
Pam Short, Apple Ambassador, did a presentation on our web page. Links are put up for last month's meeting notes by Jean Amico. There is a link for the member's list. Pam will put the Terry White instructional video and tips from the Detroit mac users group on the web site soon.
Pam then showed us how to add new fonts and how to find them on the internet.
Bill Lawton covered some more details of the survey he took a few months ago.
The floor was opened to questions and discussions.
Bill Coleman held the members only drawing, won by Gary Evilsizor.
Bobbie closed the meeting at 4 p.m.

Shirley Coster


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