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Mac Meeting Minutes

Bobbie our president opened the meeting at 2:12, as we were waiting for others to come in as there was a small group today.  She read a letter from Bill that said, he would not be able to attend meetings for quite awhile. Several other people also contacted her that they will not be able to come as traveling for the summer has started.  Bobbie will be gone next month due to travel also.  Jean will preside.
Next meeting is July 12th.

Reminder, please bring back the DVD’s for the library.  They are to be checked out for just one month at a time.
Bobbie demonstrated a video about stolen laptops.  A program called, "Hidden" shows pictures of the person that is using the computer if it is stolen.  (Gotcha!)  The cost for Hidden  is $15.00.  Another program that does something similar is at  This is a free download. It also has an upgrade for a charge.

A video was shown about “OS X Lion”.   It is just $29.99 to upgrade.  Some of the features are like the iPhone and iPad to make it easier to use.  Full Screen Apps, Auto save.  iCloud was also shown and discussed.  The new iCloud will replace MobileMe. iCloud is free for up to 5 GB of webspace.  If you now have a MobileMe account it will be extended to June 30, 2012.

Another application that is similar to the iCloud, is called Dropbox, it lets you bring all your photo’s, docs, anything from all your computers, iPhones, Blackberries, and have them accessible from anywhere.   Free for 2 GB; charges for larger storage.

An easy way to clean up your desktop was shown by using the application Desktoday .
A video was shown on how the MacBook Pro was made.

We picked 3 green tickets for the drawing.  And 1 blue ticket.

The meeting was closed at 4:00.

Respectfully submitted,

Carlene Howard

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