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Mac Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Bobbie at 2:05.
Jean brought in a free iwork 30 day demo to try.
Angel from the Mac Clinic of Kingman, will not renew her membership with us because she said Apple is putting too much pressure on her.  She will still do repairs at her shop in
Kingman and private help in our homes if needed.
We discussed the new i-phone coming out. Not sure of all the new applications.

Reminder that Pat will be in charge of the Club’s Library.  Please check out only for
One month.

Our next meeting will be July 10th.

We sang happy birthday to Bill (he was quite surprised).

Jean gave a presentation on Lion ( 10.8). The program Appleworks will not work on Lion. At the present there is no conversion for the drawing, painting, or database files from Appleworks. Any word processing file will open in Pages and any spreadsheet file will open in Numbers. She made a “clone” of her old operating system to an external drive, using SuperDuper before she updated her system to Lion. Now she can use both systems on her computer.  Leopard and Lion. Jean feels everyone should have their computer backed up on a external drive.
Bill held the drawing of the first raffle tickets.  There were 5 lucky people.  

Bobbie showed a demo of MacPro Video,  that someone can win on the members raffle.  Winner will receive access to all of MacPro Viedo’s for one month. One of the tutorials for Mac OS Lion was shown.  There are apox. 20 different videos to watch on that particular subject. .
At 3:15 we separated to the different round tables.

The last ticket was drawn and Tucker won.

There were more tickets drawn for the MacPro Video, and Wayne won.

Meeting adjourned at 4:00.

Respectfully submitted,

Carlene Howard 




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