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Mac Meeting Minutes

Bobbie, our President, called the meeting to order at 2:10 PM. There were 19 members in attendance. Bobbie announced that Michelle Burke, from the Lake Havasu City Mohave County Library would be the guest speaker for today.

Michelle gave a demonstration on the App, OverDrive Media Console. OverDrive Read eBooks can be read directly from your device’s browser, with no software installation required. She shared handouts on “Getting Started With a Mac” and “Getting started with an iOS device, (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch)”. To use this App you will need a Library Card and have a PIN number. You can get a Library Card and/or a PIN by visiting the Library or going to their website - Books, Audio Books, Databases, encyclopedias, tutorials can be accessed thru OverDrive. Also magazines can be read by using the App Zinio. The Library also offers instructions every Friday. You need to sign up to attend these sessions. They also can do 1 on 1 training at the Library.

The grouped thanked Michelle for her demo and the meeting resumed at 3:15 PM. Raffle tickets were drawn for the first Raffle. Bobbie had an update from last month’s demonstration on adding websites to your Dock with an icon. A folder needs to be made in order to keep these icons or they will revert to a “?” mark. Bobbie will redo her “How To,” step by step “easy to do” notes and have Pam put on our website.

Bobbie shared that there were external drives for sale on a table in the back of the room - see Brian if interested. Pam will send a Thank You note to Michelle. The last Raffle was drawn. The meeting was then open for questions and/or round table discussions and officially ended at 4:00PM. Several members remained for discussion.

Pat Vella


Michelle Burke, Mohave County Library


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