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Bobbie, our President, opened the meeting at 2:10 PM. There were 11 attendees (including two visitors). The next meeting will be July 8th. The first raffle was conducted with six lucky winners.

Bobbie introduced the GM for Lake Havasu City Frontier Communications, Nello Ruscitti and his technician. Nello then gave an overview of Frontier which is a Fortune 500 company with over 500 million customers in 27 states. He advised the group to always call Frontier locally and shared the telephone number 505-SAVE. If we ever have any problems with Frontier to call this number. Don’t let things get out of hand. They are here to serve. Frontier is always upgrading their services to serve the community. There is a special offer on at this time - $19.99 for internet service (this is a stand alone package with no contracts and the price is guaranteed for 2 years. For a limited time this offer is available to new and current customers. He spoke about the difference between the different levels of bandwidth and streaming and how many users in the household affects the quality of service. He suggested that 6 meg was sufficient for most households and that 12 meg covers most anything.

He then shared information of Frontier Secure, including backup, computer security, and identity protection. There is 24/7/365 premium technical support. All are U.S. based technicians. He concluded his presentation at 3:40 PM and offered to come back, even teach a class.

The last raffle, for members only, was conducted with 2 winners and we broke out into two round tables, one for the iPad and the other general for help and discussion. The meeting ended at 4:15 PM.


Pat Vella

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