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Mac Meeting Minutes

The meeting was opened by President Bobbie Batchelder at 2:10. The roll sheet was passed around by Tucker Culver.Bobbie put together a "new members" booklet which includes information about the club and hints and tips for the computer. Bobbie also made a CD containing all the information that is in the booklet for all members, along with at least 2 hours of short Apple Hints & Tips.
New members Bryan Prieskorn and Lloyd Ames were introduced.
We also had a visitor,Gerald Ball, who also joined.
Pam sent an email out about the Macdirectory website. You can subscribe to email updates for free if you're interested. You can also view the printed version of Macdirectory magazine free on the website.
A question was asked about making and printing spread sheets. One suggestion was to use print review before you print because there seem to be invisible characters on the next blank sheet. They need to be erased. Another suggestion was that columns need to be narrowed. That was demonstrated.
Winners of the raffle were: Bill Coleman, Bryan Prieskorn, Patti Matt, and Melinda Flynn.
Ernie Trip gave a demonstration on iTunes.
Ruth Tripp won the members only raffle.
Bill Lawton shared some things with us about the iPad. He feels it is very similar to an iPodTouch, but it has a large 10" screen like the MacBook. It also runs the iWorks programs. He has good luck with 3g in Havasu and Flagstaff and will test it on his trip to NY. He'll report back to us.
Bobbie closed the meeting at 4:05.

Shirley Coster

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