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Mac Meeting Minutes

The meeting was opened at 2:00pm by our Vice President Jean Amico,
standing in for President Bobbie who is on vacation.

First on the adgenda was questions and answers:
Lion has been sent to the developers but we are waiting for it to come out to the general public. Should be sometime in the next month.

Jean suggested SuperDuper for a back up software.

3 Tickets were drawn for the table prizes.  was discussed, a fast auction site.

Bryan explained that if you have an IPhone and are on Verizon, it will not work completely in Havasu. There is NO Verizon tower in town, therefore you are not able to receive images or use advance features.

Jean demonstrated a program called QuickSilver ( ).  It will search and launch items quickly from keystrokes instead of using a mouse to open up a program or look for something. After set up you open the program using the hot key you decided.  Then type in the box and to find what you are looking for automatically without looking in finder or opening a file.

If you get a notice to upgrade on your printer software, you may not want to do so. Some of the upgrades are including scripts that will not allow your printer  to use refilled cartridges.

Check out youtube for the 3-D printer video.   It will blow your mind!!!!

Macmost ( is an excellent website to check your Top Apple related questions. On such video is about the most common mistakes a person will make converting from a Windows PC to a Mac.

Jean also showed us about “Tabs” again. 

 Go to HULU ( ) to view TV shows online. Try a  program called Kylo ( ). Choose the MAC version and download the Kylo Browser. Then just run the browser and enjoy your favorite television programs online. Note the browser program is FREE you only pay if you want to buy the remote control that goes with it.

Meeting adjourned 3:48 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Carlene Howard





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