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Mac Meeting Minutes

Bobbie, our President opened the meeting at 2:07.  Bobbie introduced Fred and Bruce as our guests.  Fred became a member..

Next month we need to start a committee for the elections.

There was no other New business.

There are two raffles, one free raffle for everyone, and the members only one.  We will now start a separate raffle just for the MacPro videos.

There were 5 lucky winners for the first raffle..   

Ernie gave a demonstration on the Apple TV.  The price for the Apple TV is $100.00. The reason Ernie likes it is that it is “wireless”.  He also gave out a paper on the instructions.  iTunesU is excellent and you can access it though Apple TV or iTunes on  your computer..  Ernie suggested we all take a look at it.. You can find College classes there for free.  There are so many different options to choose from, and we were not able to see them all. Apple TV lets you access lots of different media. Some of it for free and some you must purchase. You can also access your iPhone,iPod, or iPad through it so that you may play games, show videos, or photos directly from your device all wirelessly.

At 3:15 we adjourned to the different tables to talk about different subjects ie: iPhones,
iPads, new questions. 

I’m happy to say “I” won the last raffle, the macPro video.  :o)

Meeting adjourned 4:00.

Carlene Howard


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