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Mac Meeting Minutes

Bobbie, our President, welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 2 PM. There were 14 members in attendance and one guest (Ernie’s 15 year old grandson Dallas). Bobbie asked the group if they had any ‘favorite” app that they would like to share at a future meeting. Each member could give a short demo on the app. This was well received and a suggestion was made that members submit to Bobbie which app they would like to share to avoid duplication. Bobbie will follow up.

She then reminded us that the MacPro video (tutorials) was still available for members. It’s gives full use for 30 days. Also that Disc Genius and Data Rescue can be checked out to members.

Three tickets were then drawn for the Raffle Table.

Jean gave a demonstration on Pages App for IOS for multiple devices. The cost is $10 and can be put on as many devices as you want. The user can choose a blank document or from many templates, ie, letter, resume, poster for your document. You can also create your own templates. The app contains “Getting Started” which is great according to Jean. Also available online at Jean’s notes will be posted on our website. She then talked about Maverick from Apple’s WWDC June 2013 presentation. OSX Mavericks has apps and technologies that give you the power to do more with an even more energy efficient Mac. She gave an overview of the new operating system which will be available this Fall. She spoke about iBooks, Maps, Safari, multiple displays, Notifications, Finder tabs and Tags.

The meeting was then turned over to Dallas at 3:00 PM. He talked about “film making” using iMovie. He shared how “green screen” effect is used making movies and how to use backgrounds and video in your film. You can view his films on YouTube - VerLittleHooligans.

The second Raffle was conducted and Bobbie officially ended the meeting at 3:50 PM.

If interested, Jean has 2 external drives hard drives for sale at the back table. When her new computer arrives she will have a 2009 MacBook for sale.


Pat Vella, Secretary


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