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Bobbie, our president opened the meeting at 2:15 PM. She thanked everyone who were brave enough to attend the meeting with the summer heat we are experiencing. Some clubs don’t meet during the summer months. She advised that today’s meeting will be very casual. The first raffle was conducted with four lucky winners. She reminded us that all contributions to the Raffle Table are always appreciated. She then turned the meeting over to Jean for a demo on the newest Pages.

Jean stated that since Apple made changes in the last revision of Pages many complaints were received and they have put back a lot of things in the present Pages. She understands that this version is free and said to go to to download. She will send her “Notes” out to all members. She shared many of the capabilities of Pages and demonstrated using “Templates” and how to create a document without using Templates if you feel creative. Jean also discussed saving documents on iCloud and/or other places and how they are saved on other devices. She also shared how to delete documents from iCloud by”jiggling” a document which selects all documents and then choosing what document/documents to delete. She shared that drop down menus may have more options then what first appears - try hitting the (Option) key to see if there are more.

Jean let us know that Apple will release a New operating System, Yosemite, in the Fall, and also a new iPhone. She reminded us that Mavericks operating system can be downloaded if you have Snow Leopard or higher. Go to The final raffle for “members only” was conducted with two winners. We then broke out into small groups for Q & A’s, questions and answers. The meeting officially adjourned at 4:00 PM. Some members stayed to continue with Q & A’s.

Pat Vella

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