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Mac Meeting Minutes

Bobbie, our President convened the meeting at 2:00 PM and welcomed all. There were 15 Members in attendance. Pam and Bobbie spotted a very nice desk chair on the curb on their way to the meeting. They checked with the owner and was told take it for free. It was decided that the chair would be one of our Raffle items. Bobbie shared with the group some of the items that were on the table to Raffle for Members only. She then opened the meeting for any questions or concerns that we might have. One member was having problems with a new ink cartridge. He did a nozzle check, head cleaning, head alignment to no avail. One suggestion was to check the date on the cartridge another was to check with the seller. The first Raffle was conducted with seven winners and the chair was the first to go.

Bobbie then turned the meeting over to Jean who shared the many capabilities using your “Contacts” App. She explained how Address book integrates with spread sheets. Address Book can integrate with Pages for envelopes or address labels. You can also print a list or pocket address book. She next discussed the Note application on iPads. You can make list (i.e. grocery list) and check off when complete. You can draw, copy, send and/or move to Pages. DocScan was then discussed. It’s a free app. Features: scan documents, business cards, magazine page, crop and edit color effects, rotate, share as PDF, txt, image with any integrated Apps. Jean will put her notes on the HavaMac website.

The last Raffle was conducted with two winners. Bobbie adjourned the meeting at 3:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Acting Secretary Pat Vella for Susan Pellerin, Secretary

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