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Mac Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 2:05 by Carol Lehoff. 17 were in attendance. We had two guests. One new member Tom Henderson. 
Next meeting will be August 8th.
Drawing was held with 5 tickets for the raffle. 
Our guest speaker Angele Florisi from The Mac Clinic inKingman.  Has an Apple support and repair business. Only Apple authorized in the area.
Back ups. Very important. Full system. Cheapest insurance you can buy. iCloud not really a full backup. Angele's preferred back up is to an external mobile drive. You can get them at
Amazon. She recommends Hitachi or Toro, USB 3.0 mobile. 2 TB.
Disk Utilities in your Utilities folder cand test and set up your Hard Drive.
First clear ( format) the new hard drive before you transfer. 
The Software needed make a backup to the hard drive that she suggests are Carbon copy Cloner or Super Duper. Shirt pocket makes Super Duper. Be sure your copy is update. Super Duper provide Free updates for life. This will make a Bootable copy backup of your computer. Remember that iCloud is more for syncing not a backing up. 
Security Information:
Keep updates installed
10.12 Sierra is current Mac OS.
Get a separate note book and keep track of just your passwords. 
Change the "router" password maybe yearly. 
Do not click on "flash player out of date". Only go to Flash Player in your System Preferences to check if you need to update.
Malware bytes is a good Free software. Check for updates 
Gid rid of Mac keeper. Get MacScan or SecureMac. 
B&H in Brooklyn is a good place to buy computers. 
Raffle was held for 5 MacScan downloads Angele brought for us. 

Meeting adjourned at 4:00

Respectfully submitted, 
Carlene Howard, Summer secretary

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