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Mac Meeting Minutes

The meeting was opened by President, Bobbie Batchelder at 2:15.
Last month Bobbie handed out a folder about our club to new members which includes a CD of Mac related hints and tips. She handed out the CD only to other members who were not at our last meeting.
For those with laptops who are having system problems: Shut down your laptop, unplug it, take out the battery, put the battery back in, turn it back on, run disk utilities 5 times. This should help solve your problems. This advice is from the Apple support desk.
Bobbie thanked those who completed Vice President Bill Lawton's survey. He'll be back in the fall and will discuss it in more detail then.
Bryan Prieskorn has a HP, photo smart printer for sale for $108.00. It is new and still sealed in the carton. Contact him if you are interested.
Bobbie asked that if we're not interested in the subject of the handouts today to please not take the handout. That will help to save the cost of printing the handouts. She will put the extra ones on the free table for members who are interested.
If you are getting e-mails from someone you don't want to get them from, you can make a rule in your e-mail. You can find step by step instructions on how to set up rules at the following address:
A question was asked about how to permanently delete a document in Pages. Many options were offered.
Raffle winners were: Marje Kilb, Shirley Coster, Harry Kilb, Tucker Culver, and Jean Amico.
Bobbie showed the following videos: a video on quicktime player from . It is good advanced training for Quicktime. Snow leopard needs both Quicktime player version 10 and version 7 in order to do some editing of video. Perian is an addition to quicktime player that will allow you to play almost every type of video format. It is a free download from . You will still need Flip4mac to play WMP files.
Bobbie demonstrated sounds and speech. In system preferences, you can add and use your own sounds.
1. Go to Systems Preferences to Sounds.
2. Go to your main hard drive to your Systems Folder.
3. Go to Library, the only thing there.
4. Go to the Sounds Folder in that Library.
5. There you will see all your sounds. It has to be an "aif" or an "aiff" format and then you can add anything you want to this folder.
Additional information will be available from the links page, under Adding Sounds.
Many helpful tutorials can be found at
A video was shown, from that discussed all the reasons why you might or might not want an iPad. It is good information to think about before you buy one.
You can set system preferences to announce the date and time out loud. It's a helpful reminder when, as we all know, time flies by while using your computer. To set this up go to Systems Preference / Date & Time and put a check mark in announce time and then select how often you want to be alerted.
Pandora ( is an internet radio with very little advertisement and is for the iPhone/ iPod Touch and also your Mac.
A video was shown on the iPhone and a keyboard cover with keyboard shortcuts printed on the surface.
A video on iTunes demonstrated how to find the radio stations with the best frequency and how to make a folder to put all your favorite stations into. Then, Bobbie demonstrated that for us.
If you go to you can download a free video / podcast player called Miro. This is where Bobbie goes to get a lot of her Mac videos she shares with us.
The final drawing was held by Bill Coleman and won by Jean Amico.
The website "" was shown.
The meeting was adjourned at 4 p.m. by President, Bobbie Batchelder.

Shirley Coster, Secretary


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