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Mac Meeting Minutes

Our meeting was opened by Bobbie, we welcome her back. Our next meeting will be
Tuesday Sept. 13th.
We have a new member Dave who joined our club. Welcome.
Bobbie showed a demonstration on the new Apple OS X Lion. Pro’s and Con’s. It sells for $29.99.
Paul Bailey has already purchased and installed Lion and he was on hand to give us his personal views and explanations on different aspects of Lion.
In Mail there is a problem getting mail out of Spam folder.
Several other things are different and however things can be changed
in preferences, and there are work arounds to make things go back to what you are used to.
Interesting: In the first full day of availability from the Mac Store at $29.99, 1 million copies were downloaded that is $29,999,000 worth!
Dragon Dictation was shown. It is a voice activated app that you can speak the words and the computer will type what you say. You can create custom voice commands and messages by voice.
Example: “Search Goggle for……” or “Switch to CNN.” To install on your Apple
Computer it is $199.99. On your iPhone/iPod, through iTunes to download, it is free…
And works great.
We watched a video on iPads. Some Schools will provide iPads free for the students.
A charter school is Colorado’s first iPad school.
MacKeeper was discussed and other Mac Cleaners. Be sure to check in Forums and Goggle to read what is said about the applications, if they are worth the download.
Raffle was held at the end of our meeting. 5 lucky people were able to choose prizes
from the tables.
The meeting was closed at 4:00.

Respectfully submitted,
Carlene Howard, Secretary




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