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Mac Meeting Minutes

Bobbie, our president, opened the meeting at 2:00 PM.  There were 14 members and one guest in attendance.  Our next meeting will be September 10th.  Bobbie asked the group if they had any suggestions for future meetings to be discussed or demonstrated.   The Club received an email from someone who is interested in sponsoring our club.  Pam will look into the possibility.  The first raffle was conducted with 5 lucky winners.  

The meeting was then turned over to Pam who introduced Allie , online, from Fujitsu.  Allie gave an overview of four different Fujitsu scanners.   She then went into detail on the ScanSnap ix500 which is a wireless desk top scanner.  It can scan 25 pages per minute and has a 50 page feeder.  It weighs approximately six pounds and is about the size of a loaf of bread.  It’s wireless and can scan directly to PC, Mac, Android or iOS devices.  Allie stated that “tech support” is always free and software updates are too.   The scanner can be purchased directly from Fujitsu or from other vendors.  Amazon  currently is selling it for $430 and PC Nation $419.  You can contact Allie by email if you need more info.  Here is her contact info:
Allie Rumpanos
Business Development
Cell: (408) 431- 8577
Office: (408) 746-7501

The club officers agreed and Pam purchased a wireless extender to help with audio during our meetings.  

The meeting was then opened for discussion on questions and concerns.  Topics included  opening PDF files and using websites.   A suggestion from Jean was if you can’t get in with one browser, try another.   Depending on how the site was built, you may need to try different browsers.  There also was discussion on email on phones and computer, ie, if erase on phone, it’s still on mail.  Bobbie suggested, try call 1-800-iphone.  

The last drawing was held with two winners and the meeting was adjourned at 4:00 PM.


Pat Vella

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