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Mac Meeting Minutes

Our Treasurer, Shirley Coster opened our meeting at 2:00, in Bobbies absence.
Angele Florisi, from the Mac Clinic in Kingman gave us a bit of history on her business and expertise. She told us about Mac keeper being sued and left papers to get money back if you purchased. Mac scan is OK, watch out for Adware and ransom ware. Angele suggest to shut down your computer right away if you get one. If you have Snow Leopard, Safari does not work well anymore. Use Chrome or Firefox. You can go from straight from Snow Leopard (10.6) to Yosemite (10.10) to upgrade.
She then went to questions & answers for an hour.
And remember the cheapest insurance is to BACKUP!
She started her talk on pictures. iPhoto is good until you change to Yosemite Then it changes to "Photos" that is not as great.
Aperture is a great software also. Her favorite. If you can find it. Snapheal is another. Macphun has several things to look at. Go to their web site.
Intensify Pro. Is a good one for filters.
She showed us a picture and edited it with several soft ware programs.
Adobe lightroom is a good one. Photoshop & light room is $10 a month if you want to do a lot with your pictures.
Super Duper & Carbon Copy Cloner make bootable backups of your computer.
Meeting closed at 3:45.
Next meeting is 9-8-15.

Carlene Howard
Summer Secretary

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