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Mac Meeting Minutes

Bobbie opened the meeting at 2:08.  We welcomed new member Steve. There were 12 members attending.

We would Iike to have someone offer to be our Public Relations person. She/He would try to get donations for the club. 

Our next meeting is Sept. 12th.

The new IPhone is priced at almost $1,000!

Bobbie would like everyone to email her your favorite App on your iPhone/iPad and/or on the computer to share with the rest of the group.

At 2:30 Kevin LaRue, Macphun of Luminar started his demo on a photo editor, it is a program that rivals Photoshop. The latest version is Luminar Neptune. Snapheal is the program where you can erase objects in the picture. Not included in the Luminar program. But can be purchased at the App store for $8.

Luminar is regular $69.00 but the Havmac group has a $10.00 off coupon. $59.00.

Kevin will forward a video of his demo to Pam and it can be found here.

We pulled up a website to check your computers speed.

The member drawing was held with 2 winners.

Bobbie closed the meeting at 3:45.

Respectfully submitted ,

Carlene Howard

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