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Bobbie showed some tips and tricks.
A youtube link to download videos from youtube.
She asked if someone knew how to use a keyboard shortcut for smiley faces.

Bill did the drawing for the raffle table.

Our speaker, Sean Housman, introduced some Google tricks and applications. 
Google calendar can be built with multiple calendars.  Each calendar will have a URL snippet that can be added to a web site that will be up to date. 
Google maps can be added to the calendar events.
There is a place to upload your photos called picasa.

Questions from the floor. 
Q: How do I add more than one photo to an email?
A: Open iphotos and drag and drop the photos to the email.  Or choose multiple photos with command-click and then drag to the email.There is also an icon at the top right of the mail window that says photo browser.

Q: How do I use a photo for screensaver? 
A: Open system preferences and choose

Q: How can I find out what is running?  
A: Check activity monitor in utilities folder to check out CPU usage or virtual memory.

Another trick for Mail is using BCC.  There is an icon on the left at the top to add multiple emails.  Then everyone does not see all the additional emails.  This adds protection to the people’s email addresses you are using.

Bookmarks:  create a bookmark

You can change the system power settings to optimize your battery life.  Change the brightness of your display, have the hard drive go to sleep when possible. 

Next meeting:  October 13.

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