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Mac Meeting Minutes

Our meeting was opened at 2:10 by President, Bobbie Batchelder. Bobbie had eye surgery last week and yesterday and is recovering nicely. She will be going to the Mayo clinic for a third opinion on her ankle.
Joan Young, our first president, has stage 1 leukemia, so she won't be coming to the meetings for a while. Keep her in your thoughts.
Bobbie introduced a visitor, Sue Tuberman. She has been in Havasu for about 39 years. She has a background in advertising. Sue was brought to the meeting by Pat Vella.
Bill Coleman passed out raffle tickets at the beginning of the meeting. He held the first drawing. The winners were: our visitor Sue Tuberman, Tucker Culver, Carlene Howard, Susie Sprague, Shirley Coster and Lloyd Ames.
Bobbie asked for questions from the floor. A question was asked on how to make an e-mail smaller before printing. Several answers were given: (1) System Preferences, select display then select resolution and change size. (2) In e-mail, go to view, customize toolbar and add smaller, bigger to your toolbar. Use that tool as needed.
A question from last week was answered by " If you want to delete an entire document: said to go to documents file and drag all that you don't want to the trash.
Pam demonstrated a site,
First, identify your mac by pulling down under the apple to "about this mac". Get your serial number. Copy that into the website and it will tell you where your mac was made and all about the parts for your mac. This can be helpful if you want to order any replacement parts.It also works for ipods as well.
"Logmein" ( is a free download to use if you want access your computer remotely from another device. The free program will allow you access if you want the paid professional version it will allow you more options. Logmein is cross platform and will work between a computer and an iPhone or iPod as well.
We viewed an iPhoto demonstration from the Detroit, MI mac group A photo was taken with an iPhone. It was transferred to iPhoto. While in iPhoto you can then see the gps location were the photo was taken. They also demonstrated making a calendar, and using image capture to import photos instead of directly into iphoto.
Pam demonstrated how to use the image capture application we have rather than iPhoto for importing and saving photos.
Google tips: searching for an image: key in what your looking for in the google search field , then after the sites are shown, click on image field in the area just above the word google.
If you would like to use your camera's memory card to import your photos directly into your computer, you can buy an inexpensive card reader at By using this device, you won't be using up your camera's battery.
Pam continued to demonstrate additional iPhoto properties.
Another free open source software download is "gimp" which is used for photo editing and is comparable to the retail version of Photoshop.
Bobbie introduced , Gary Nissen, a visitor who came in later to the meeting..
Bill held the members raffle which was won Carlene Howard.
The meeting adjourned at 4 p.m.
Shirley Coster, Secretary


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