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Mac Meeting Minutes

The meeting was opened by Bobbie at 2:15. Next meeting will be October 11th.

We are waiting to hear about the “secret” that Bobbie has tempted us with this month.
It is MacPro Video, free for a month. How to get it………………. is the secret! It will be demonstrated today by Bobbie.

We first went through learning again about Disk Utility and cleaning our computers up.
MacJanitor, Preferential Treatment and Cache Out are all utility programs that are FREE downloads. We should all be using these to keep our computers running correctly.

Getting into MacPro:
You can go to Tutorial’s on many, many subjects. You can choose what is appropriate to your Mac. It is a great way to learn about different programs that are on your Mac for a whole month, FREE! You can watch personal training videos on the programs you have always wanted to learn.

Use the keyboard shortcut of "Command shift 3" to copy a page (the entire screen) or use "Command Shift 4" to get a cross-hare and you can choose how much of the screen you will capture. It can be a picture or anything on your screen at the time and it will be automatically be sent to your Desk top to use at another time.

Four people won chances to choose off the table for prizes. And Gerry choose the “first” MacPro Video Box from the raffle only there are 10 more left.

Meeting was closed at 3:55.

Submitted by,
Carlene Howard, Secretary



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